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Jessup at the JU

Photo: Marcin Nieć

Photo: Marcin Nieć

The Jagiellonian University in Kraków has a strong and successful tradition of participation in moot competitions. The JU has fielded teams for – amongst others – the Telders international law moot court, international humanitarian law moot in Sarajevo, as well as competitions in the field of commercial law such as the Willem C. Vis Moot and the ICC Mediation Moot.

In 2012/13 the JU debuted in the world’s biggest moot court competition: the Jessup. The JU team immediately achieved great success, winning the title of Polish National Champion. It repeated this feat in 2013/14, confirming its strength and competitiveness. Given these achievements and the didactic value of participation in such an event, the JU plans to field teams in future editions of the Jessup as well. Participation in the Jessup Moot Court is open to JU law students who are currently in their 3rd – 5th year of studies. Since a Jessup team may consist of a maximum of five students, the prospective team members are selected in a recruitment process, taking place in the beginning of the Winter Semester. The preparations for the competition take the form of a workshop and students are awarded 8 ECTS points.

Benefits of participation in the Jessup

First and foremost, the Jessup is an experience unlike any other during your studies. While studying gives you a solid foundation, participation in the moot court allows to apply the theoretical knowledge of international law in practice.

The eligibility criteria for participation in the JU Jessup team are:

  • excellent command of the English language, both written and oral
  • a good knowledge of public international law
  • ability to work hard and conduct research independently
  • flexibility and team skills
  • prior completion of the American Law Programme and/or a School of Foreign Law is an advantage
  • studies or work in an English-speaking country are and advantage
  • prior experience in mooting competitions is an advantage
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